Shipping Policy

All posted freight prices are for the lower 48 states only. out of the country shipping is by quoted freight only. If weapons are confiscated because of importing weapon laws the buyer is responsible for knowing the laws of the state or country the shipping is to. Only persons over 18 years old are permitted to purchase the weapons.

International customers are responsible for any and all import duties, tariffs, delivery surcharges and insurance.

We ship orders for the full declared value

Air Freight is the fastest but also the most expensive means of transporting a shipment. Rates are calculated by weight and charged per kg and volumetric weight.

New made replica guns cannot be shipped to WASHINGTON DC, MA, CT, WI, NYC, (in NY, CA & KS must be used for Theatrical Purposes Only) these locations either restrict or prohibit commerce in imitation firearms that are replicas of modern firearms. We can only ship modern replica firearms to these jurisdictions under certain circumstances. Please contact your local government if you have any questions regarding specific restrictions in these areas. You are responsible for knowing if importing these replicas is legal. We ship down under (Australia). What you will need to order is a form number B709A, available at your local customs. You can own our items, but it is illegal to import them without the proper customs approval. Form B709A is what you will need.